Saturday, 9 October 2010

Tips for an MBA Job Interview

# After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in business  or a related field, many graduates decide to pursue a master of business administration or MBA. An MBA gives graduates more management and business skills, as well as the opportunity for a higher salary, according to the website Business schools will review grade point average and Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT, scores on applications before deciding to grant an MBA applicant an interview.
# Schools conduct interviews with MBA applicants so staff can meet a prospective student in person. The meeting gives school administrators a chance to see a person’s interpersonal skills rather than just their academic information. According to, business schools interview candidates to determine their marketability, to recruit “outstanding” prospective students away from competitor schools, and to promote their programs personally. Some schools may make the interview portion of the application process worth as much as 35 percent in the ranking process.
# Once you have secured an MBA interview, you need to prepare. Confirm your interview and make sure you have the right directions. Generally, schools conduct one of two types of interviews: a remote interview or school visit. A remote interview is usually conducted by an admissions committee member. While it is cost-effective for a student not to have to visit a school, a visit is a good opportunity to interact with people at the school and meet more than one representative, according to Find out who conduct your interview and research that person's background. Learn as much about the school as possible: For what is it known? For what companies do graduates work? Try to plan out the day of your interview so you can see other areas of the school, including the library, computer area and classrooms. Send a copy of your resume to each person you are scheduled to meet with a week before the interview. You should still bring your resume with you on the day of the interview.
Interview Dress & Questions
# Men and women both should wear a formal, well-fitted, conservative suit to the interview. Don’t wear excessive perfume, make-up or jewelry. The interviewers will most likely ask you questions about the information in your file, so make sure you are familiar with your grades, essays and any research in your file. Questions for the interview will most likely center around your family and outside interests, professional and leadership experience, career goals and business knowledge, previous education, and your reasons for applying for admittance at the school. Interviewers may also ask questions about current events, so be prepared.
Interview Answers
# Keep your interview answers to about four to six sentences for each question. Do your best not to answer any questions with only a “yes” or “no.” You can talk about your achievements and accomplishments, but mention others who helped you achieve those feats. Make sure to remain calm throughout the interview. According to, interviewers will ask questions that are meant to test your ability to handle conflict. Listen carefully throughout the interview, so you don’t ask a question in the end that was already covered. Direct any questions you have at the end of the interview to the appropriate person, research any questions you plan to ask, and only ask about topics for which you really want more information.

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