Sunday, 31 October 2010


A mind reading technique is to be used not just for the purpose of convincing a person that you can really read minds. It is also to be utilized in order to make certain that you are doing it correctly. Other than that, one should be aware of it so he will not risk being deceived by other people or convinced to do a particular task. Though the accuracy of mind reading is questionable, it is attested by many that though you succeed in doing it, you cannot eliminate the risk that you would be caught by the person. There are various strategies which a person may use depending on his preference.

Here is a simple example of a mind reading technique. By looking into the eyes of someone, a person might know what that person is thinking or if he is telling the truth. In an instance, you met a guy or a girl and you questioned him or her. If the person's eyes look up, he is most likely thinking of the possible answers to your questions. He does this by creating in your mind an image or a thing would serve as an answer to your question. Visual people are how these people, who provide visual words which would stand as answers to the query, are called. If, on the other hand, the person's eyes look from side to side, he is probably an auditory person. An auditory person, in comparison to the visual person, uses auditory words to respond to the question. He summons up an assortment of sounds in his mind before he will identify the answer. Kinesthetic persons who are known for using kinesthetic words would have their eyes looking down while recognizing out a certain feeling or sensation which has a connection to the question. Another strategy would be to put into consideration the person's (both the person asking and the one who responds) motivation and his or her next action.

The said mind reading technique for a variety of people may or may not be successful. If the person encounters a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic person he may add to his strategy the usage of words which are also frequently exploited by the person whom he is talking to. By doing this, you will produce the effect that both of you share some similarities and would be able to build rapport. Getting into the mind of a person would also reward you with the knowledge of what kind of person you are to him or her. Some strategies are actually designed to achieve that. However, you should be prepared to know what he or she thinks of you. In the case of magicians though, their strategy depends more on presentation. If they would not stage their tricks in such a manner that would enrapture the audience, the trick would be meagerly received by the spectators. So for magicians, their strategy is to practice, practice well, and deliver convincingly their tricks. As for those who are not magicians, the same rules also apply. If they would rehearse their strategy regularly, they would be more efficient when performing the technique.

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