Tuesday, 14 February 2012

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The other day, I was one time paging through a brand spanking new book at the book store, it seems nice. The name of the book is; "Quiet - The Power of the Introverts in a World that Cannot Cease Talking" by Susan Cain & it jogged my memory of a conversation I had with an acquaintance from Australia a few months the prior. They told me that it appeared that "doing nothing" & thinking or day-dreaming was when a number of the best discoveries have been made through human thought & reasoning - & I suppose Plato, Aristotle, & even the condemned Socrates might have agreed while running amongst the olive trees.

For an example, my acquaintance used Sir Isaac Newton who supposedly, as the story goes & I have no reason to refute it, was sitting under a tree when an apple fell on his head, so I laughed at this example & said; "sure, all that makes total sense & let's add Sir Isaac Newton, sitting by a tree when the apple fell, day dreaming - "ah gravity!" Ha ha ha."

Next, I also think the N400 brainwave can pick up anomalies, things out of place, & that the brain's chemical splash & reward method which favors such things, increases the brain's ability to strengthen the connections in that regard, in those types of tasks.

Now then, I'd like to add to his summation the idea of "cross-pollination" & being able to connect dots, in the spatial reasoning portion of the brain, borrowing from different industries, or areas of endeavor, & making sense of things unrelated, borrowing strategies, ideas, designs, innovations. Then I'd add the idea of curiosity, which causes random "thoughts to fly around" & some sit on the back burner, uncategorized, re-categorized, or waiting for a home while the mind finds multiple places to connect through memory by association.

Well, I have talked long , & it is time for you to have some "Quiet Time" to think - me , & do let me know what you come up with after you have broken through to the next level of higher thought & have come up with an original thought along these lines of inquiry.

Then I have some theories that there's all sorts of types of thinking & that it is like racing. Use the whole track, & a tremendous mind ought to be able to make use of various strategies of thinking when it serves them, & run those call them (programs) simultaneously, & cross-reference, checking itself. Best of all they can build a multi-decision matrix program to do that simultaneously to get to the Best Answer - in other words one time they understand this process in a human brain they can build rules to program an Artificially Smart computer like IBM's Watson to do the same.

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