Friday, 15 October 2010

What is a Substitute Teacher?

A Substitute Teacher is a professional (if they choose to be) who teaches a school class when the regular teacher is unavailable because of illness or other reasons.  The phrase "substitute teacher" is generally used in the United States, Canada and Ireland.  "Supply Teacher" is the more common term in the United Kingdom and is sometimes used in Canada.  "Relief Teacher" is used in Australia.  Various other terms are used to describe the substitute teacher such as "teacher on call" in the Canadian province of Bristish Columbia.  Bookmark us here: Click here to add this page to your favorites

What information can you expect to find on this web site?

    * General qualifications
    * Qualification for specific areas
    * Different perceptions of the substitute teacher profession
    * Pay rates
    * Substitute teacher daily routines
    * Substitute teaching tips and tools of the trade
    * Education for substitute teachers
    * Classroom management
    * Lesson Plans for the substitute teacher caught without any left behind by the absent teacher
    * and more......

In some regions, the qualifications for being a substitute teacher are as strict as for the regular teacher.  Some areas require a college degree and the successful completion of competency tests.  Other regions require only that the applicant possess a high school diploma or its equivalent.  Some school administrators may not hire full-time teachers unless they have been substitute teachers.  The qualifications vary from location to location and will be discussed in detail throughout the pages of this web site. Bookmark us here if you like:Click here to add this page to your favorites

You can be a professional as a substitute teacher and substitute teaching can be very rewarding.  This web site can serve as a resource and tool toward the goal of your personal professionalism as a substitute teacher.  If you plan to make a career of substitute teaching it is far better to acquire a professional attitude about your work.  However, keep in mind, generally speaking substitute teachers are considered to be marginal members of the education community and may be considered as a "warm body" or "baby-sitter" who is just in the classroom to fill a void while the regular teacher is out.  If you want to strive to make a real difference in the career of substitute teaching, you will need to arm yourself with much more than what is commonly perceived of you.  This can be a great challenge!  It is attainable. Bookmark us here: Click here to add this page to your favorites

One of the greatest challenges attributed to substitute teachers is classroom management as students generaly view the presence of a substitute teacher as the signal to misbehave.  With the added challenge of working in a classroom with incomplete or missing lesson plans to work from, you definitely will be a step ahead of the game if you come prepared with some of your own.  Most school systems demand their regular teachers leave such material for the substitute, however, there are times when a teacher is suddenly called away from her post, and in these times, you will be glad to have had your extra bag of tricks hanging on your arm when you enter the classroom.

Pay Rates

This can be disappointing if your main goal of substitute teaching is only for the pay.  In the United States the position is often very poorly paid.  The national average is only about $65 per day in the year of 2007.  Some school districts may pay significantly more according to your education, experience and their need for substitute teachers.  In the United Kingdom, their rate of paying is much different than in the United States.  Pay rates will be dicussed in further detail according to the region throughout the pages of this web site.  Bookmark us to return later as the site grows into a complete reference for the substitute teacher. Bookmark us here: Click here to add this page to your favorites